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Friday, January 11, 2008

Vintage Valentines

"I'm staying at Crystal's shop right now but looking for a new home, can I be your special Valentine?"
Vintage Taxidermy Weasel - $225

These lovely old Valentines below were brought into my store recently. The fellow's mother collected vintage Valentines throughout the years and had these professionally framed. All but one have a typed label on the back with the date of the Valentine that is under the glass.
Three hearts with winged cherubs and roses, 24" x 9", c. 1915

"To My Sweetheart" & "With Love's Greeting", 11" x 13", c. 1909


Fold out Heart, 12" x 15", c. 1915


"My Love to Thee", 26" x 9"


"You can love me on Valentine's Day!"

Old Taxidermy Crow - $295


Designs by CK said...

Hi, I luckily found you through Pandora's Parlor.

WOW such lovely eye candy and wonderful blog!!!

PS: If you don't mind, I will place a FAVE link of yours on my blog!


Michelle said...

Love the vintage stuff! how lucky for you to come across it!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Crystal!

Thanks SO much for stopping by my little corner of the world!

I will check back from time to time for more gothic goodies. '-)


Pandora said...

My heart belongs to the weasel! He is just so loveable :-) And I'm not referring to my husband! LOL Wonderful Valentine's day goodies!

Holiday Queen said...

Crystal, LOVE all your treasures! You have such an eye for collecting and displays! I hope stop by your shop sometime soon. Ohhh the temptations!

Ulla said...

Ohhh, I am so happy you started a blog! Love all these delightful little animals... I'll add you to my list!

Donna O. said...

Hi Crystal- wow, wonderful Valentines!! BUT your snowy post a few weeks back is just over the top glorious! I know it was a huge storm with electricity out etc. but at least it was a winter wonderland in the aftermath!!

Christie said...

What perfect Valentines, I love the crow and the weasel!

Velvet Moon Bathery said...

So many lovely things for Valentines, but out of all I would prefer the crow. What a wicked little dead gift to receive, still my heart;)

Such a wonderful blog you have.

Designs by CK said...

Happy Valentine's day to you & yours!

Best Always,
Chris :)

oldflowers4me said...

ok- i feel a bit like alice in wonderland looking through the rabbit hole- is every 1 here having a tea party-i love you girls-ive just found gothic rose.