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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I got a call yesterday about a natural history collection being sold out of an old Victorian house. I was able to pick up some beautiful birds and other cute and bizarre critters and now they are available for you.......a few more are located on my New Arrivals page of the website as well as other goodies.... Decorating with the Dead is one of my many specialties, I feel sorry for them and try to find homes for them where they can finally rest in peace ... my ultimate trophy on the wall would be the head of the hunter that kills poor innocent creatures!
Very handsome vintage wood duck would be nice in the Gentleman's Den, 10" tall x 15" long - $145

Peaceful sleeping duck, 10"long - "I'm Going to a new home shortly"

Gorgeous exotic vintage Toucan, 14" tall on stand x 17" long - "I found a new home with Michelle in Utah"

Woody, 10" tall on stand - "I got a new home too, YEA!"

Sweet little quail type, 9" tall - $135

Single vintage shore bird, 7" tall - $125

Red parrot, beautiful and rare to find - "I arrived with no tail, but Crystal's scarlet macaw was kind enough to give me one of her feathers, but I still need a home. Check me out on the website with my new tail" - $225

Haunting Owl, 15" tall on stand - ("I found a new home, yea!")

Beautiful Blue Bird, 7 1/2" tall on stand - ("me too, I'm going to live with Diane")

Noisy Pitta Pitta, 5" tall x 8" long - "Diane is taking me too, I'm so happy"

Some kind of vintage Kingfisher, 10" tall on stand x 12" long - $165

Vintage Shore Birds mounted together - $225