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Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Dark Art Creations and Haunting New Finds

October is way to short, there needs to be two Octobers every year. It has come and is almost gone and I've been so busy at the shop helping customers with costuming and decorating, I haven't had time to create all the little haunting fantasy projects dancing around in my head. But here are a few and some fabulous recent vintage finds. Meet "Sssserpentina", my latest snake worshiper Hoodoo Conjure Doll. She is 28" long and comes with a little snake oil bottle, two snakes, three antique puncture pins and lots of character!

Mrs. P's Magic Box is an old cash box filled with all kinds of amusing magical novelties. The old box has Mrs. P. hand painted on the side. Email for more views if you want it.

A mysterious large framed print of one of my old Ouija Boards.

A smaller metal Magic Box with goodies, a rib bone and protective Hand of Glory amulet.

Haunting 19th century casket plaques

A rare wooden 1965 Zolar's Mystic Genii Board

A 1967 Tarot Wheel Board, never even seen one of these before!
Inquire for prices, these special items are all for sale!
Happy Halloween!