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Friday, January 4, 2008

Off to the Masquerade

"To dream of a festive masquerade ball predicts a surprise opportunity which could secure your future if you can summon up the courage required to latch on to it......"

I love collecting old masks, costuming and helping people come up with just the right outfit for their next Masquerade Ball, historical event or fantasy evening. I have lots of vintage hats for sale at my shop that I have embellished with interesting adornments making them much more exciting than they were to begin with. Many of the old Victorian men's top hats and bowlers were so small back in the day, that they are just the right size for the bold woman of today....
Embellished Victorian Top Hat - $165

This is my latest creation, a crown I crafted from Victorian jet and carnival glass beadwork. I found lots of these old beads at my mother's house last time I went to Texas. I knew I would eventually conjur up something fun and wicked with them....
Beaded Crown - $325

Add an antique monkey fur collar and become a 1920's Burlesque Queen!
Antique Monkey Fur - $95

I carry all sorts of masks for sale at my shop year round, new and vintage, these Opera Ball masks seem to be quite popular....
Opera Ball Mask - $22

Add a cape to this Midnight Casanova mask and turn your man into a Phantom of the Opera just for one enchanting evening..he'll love it!

Casanova Mask - $32

This fanciful velvet masquerade mask comes in red, purple, black or white, all with rich gold trim

Velvet Masquerade Mask - $33

" Meow!"

Kitty Mask - $19

This fun old macabre pottery mask adorns my office wall

Rare 19th century screen mask from my private collection. This mask had been in the same family of Masons for five generations
Bizarre but Beautiful


Michelle said...

welcome to blogland! I found you from pandora's parlor! I love your blog already! I already love your shop!

Donna O. said...

Hi Crystal- Welcome to the world of blogging!! I found you through Pandora's Parlor. I bought the pain killer bottle from you at H and V and love it. Looking forward to your world!!
Donna O'Brien
The Ribboned Crown

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