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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Alice

The other day while moving things around at the shop to make room for a monster black antique cash register, I was pleasantly surprised to find a miniature edition of Alice in Wonderland back in the corner of a small book shelf behind my counter. Obviously I put it there long ago with no recollection......
This old rare book by Lewis Carroll is so sweet! It is a miniature edition from 1918. It has 204 pages and measures 6" x 4". It has red boards with gold art of Alice and the Pig on the front and 42 illustrations by John Tenniel inside. Printed in Great Britain. There is one small split in the lower spine on the outside with a little fraying, other than that, it is in good shape for its age. Really beautiful book and a great find in my own shop!

1 comment:

Minerva Black the shop keeping cat said...

What a fantastic find! I've never seen a minature version of Alice.

One day I will get 'home' again and visit your lovely shop.