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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

There is always added glam and glitter at Gothic Rose Antiques for for the Holidays! Take a look at some of the great shiny gothic flasks and unique vintage jewelry that has recently arrived at the shop. So cool! Still time to get that unusual gift like this Aurora Borialis Austrian Crystal Necklace or this German Anatomical Skull or an antique spotted cat taxidermy skin!"Meow! Please put me under your tree"

Striking Serpent Necklace

Earthy Chunks of local Quartz Clusters

Coffin Flask

Skull Hip Flask

To Die For Death Flask

Little Poison Flask

Majestic Antique Dress Clip

Old Goat Skull

Rare Cemetery Chic Victorian Coffin
click here to see more views, it is awesome!

And for lots more new arrivals go here


Anonymous said...

Hello! New follower! I love your page! I am a collector of Victorian Mourning and Funerary Collectibles. I absolutely LOVE the child's coffin. I don't suppose there is any room for negotiation on this piece is there?

Pandora said...

The skulls look wonderful in their holiday finery and the flasks are great! Of course you know I love that coffin!